Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Why is the ELI so powerful?

The ELI will help you to develop a personally effective style for interacting with everyone. It spotlights how you help move people, including yourself, forward and into action.


The ELI Assessment Will Show You:

  • Your Personal E-FACTOR and where you are GREAT at using your POWER OF CHOICE
  • Where you have developed some AMAZING COPING STRATEGIES!
  • Perceptions and beliefs you have in place
  • Your normal tendencies that support you in being your very best
  • Potential growth areas and what you are leaving on the table


The ELI Assessment Will Help You Understand:

  • Energy in general and how it impacts your life
  • How your unconscious thoughts and beliefs have an impact on your overall sense of health and well-being
  • How your STRESS response gets TRIGGERED,
  • What your STRESS patterns and themes really look like


About the ELI

Developed by psychologist and founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence Coaching (iPEC), Dr. Bruce Schneider, this assessment uncovers your behaviors and tendencies in both normal circumstances and when under stress.  After completing the online assessment, you will receive a report that summarizes your hidden potential, your current patterns of thinking, your feelings and the usual actions you take around key areas of your life.  Master Practitioner Kathy will walk you through this roadmap and help you to create an action plan to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


The ELI Assessment Will Help You to Discover:

  • Your six unique energy influencers
  • How control in your life depends on only two things: the WAY you THINK & the ACTIONS you TAKE
  • Ways that black and white thinking keeps you from seeing possibilities
  • Small changes that will add up to huge positive impacts on your life
  • How fears and hidden assumptions can steal a full life away from you

Knowing This Will Help You Develop Techniques For:

  • Moving from exhausted and drained to energetic and ready to take inspired action
  • Increasing your creativity, confidence, inner peace and motivation
  • Decreasing your black and white thinking, judgment, and disconnecting from others
  • Accruing greater life satisfaction in 14 KEY areas
  • Eliminate self sabotage from your daily life and take the actions needed to achieve your goals by holding up a mirror to your beliefs and perceptions which shape your thoughts and feelings and create your actions