Brave Calling with Kathy Simkins Brave Change with Kathy Simkins Brave Change with Kathy Simkins Brave Change with Kathy Simkins Brave Calling with Kathy Simkins Brave Calling with Kathy Simkins Brave Calling with Kathy Simkins
Brave Calling with Kathy Simkins
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Brave Calling with Kathy Simkins


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Life Coaching For Professional Women

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> Transformational

Positively contribute to your organization, community and the world!

Powerful Programs For Professional Women:

Brave Change Coaching Center

> Exciting New Beginnings For Seasoned Professionals

> Dramatic Career Upgrades

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Want to Understand Your Leadership Potential?

Brave Calling
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Brave Calling

Trapped in a Dead End Job?

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Ready to Take Your Career to The Next Level?

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Ready to Begin a New Chapter in Your Life?

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Explore these Powerful Coaching Programs
for Professional Women by Kathy Simkins

Brave Change Coaching Center

Say YES to YourSelf!

Unlock your unlimited potential and…

  • Experience joy, prosperity, and balance in your life.
  • Create coherence between your personal and professional life.
  • Know that emotionally you are prepared, mind, body, and spirit, for anything.
  • Be energized and empowered by your choices.
  • Take actions that lead to self-renewal and movement to a new future.
  • Develop improved communication and leadership skills.
  • Connect to your true life purpose aligned with your core values.


Instead of:

  • Feeling the constant weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • Feeling trapped and worried about your work, relationships or finances.
  • Taking care of everybody else around you and at the end of the day, having no energy for yourself.
  • Replaying events and stories in your mind, wishing things had been different.
  • Unable to focus, make simple decisions and clearly articulate ideas.
  • Relying on adrenalin to push you through every day.


There is a way to stay vital your entire life!

You Are NOT Alone!

Many women professionals have become disillusioned and feel disconnected from their purpose, passion, and principles.

Exhaustion and loss of purpose are simply a message that there is a better way to live your life.

Each of us has a threshold, a turning point when the way we are living doesn’t work anymore.

The ultimate choice then becomes do you continue with the way things are, or, do you take a risk and step into the unknown?

Regardless of any circumstances, you CAN live an extraordinary life and create the results that you want.